In a time when food security is a concern very close to home for many of our neighbors and friends, the Rotary Club of South East Nassau has partnered with Showman E-Bistro to extend our “19 Days of Christmas” feeding initiative to our friends and partners in the wider community.

What is the “19 Days of Christmas”? Every December, members of RCSEN collect a food item on each of the 19 days leading up to Christmas Day. These items are packaged into decorated boxes and delivered to deserving families identified by the Department of Social Services, as well as families known to the club.

With health and safety a top priority this year, we are working to provide for at least 100 boxes to be distributed. We are asking you to join in with our club as we partner with Showman E Bistro in our annual food drive and help us fight against hunger in our community. You can sponsor a week's worth of meals for a family of four for just $70 or donate any amount to go toward a package.

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